tirsdag 14. mai 2013

National holiday..

...constitution-day for Norway is coming up,and we make a BIG fuss about it in this country! 
Suits, dresses and national costumes are prepared weeks in advance and the biggest "talk of the town" is what the weather is going to be like on this day:) The house better be perfect and also the food and cakes;) 
A couple of years ago i came a cross this wonderful blogpost at http://lobeliahjem.blogspot.no.

 Simple and so effectful, suppose something like this would work for many occasions, don't you think? This week is a bit chaotic for me so i won´t be back until next week, but i leave you with Wenche´s wonderful decorations for the 17. of may, and hope you find it as inspiring as i do :)

Have a lovely week and to all norwegian readers,

6 kommentarer:

  1. Vakkert!
    Helt sant, det er dagen hus og hage må være perfekt. Gleder meg som en unge til dagen.

    Nyt 17.mai!

  2. Una belleza poder contemplar estas fotos de nuestros antepasados..Tienes muc@s trabajos que me traen hermosos recuerdos

    Gracias por compartirlo


  3. Hello Sweets!
    Its so lovely
    Klem Kathrine

  4. Nydelige bilder og for et vakkert , enkelt dekket bord:)
    Ønsker deg en fortsatt herlig uke og en nydelig 17 MAI:)
    Klem Merete

  5. For ett nydelig 17.mai bord.
    Likte særlig godt at postsekken har fått hedersplass på bordet.

    Ønsker dere ei fin uke, og en fin 17.mai.

    Klem Inger

  6. For et herlig bord!
    God 17.mai til dere :)
    Klem Mirjam


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